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04 September 2010 @ 12:23 pm
September 4th Update - Creative Summary  
A few points to consolidate the direction of the zine.

Starting with Web only

If at any stage we want to go to printed, we'll already have previous zines and can go back and send them out. Printing will be On demand. I will compile a list of ways we can do this as per people's suggestions :)

We can easily make the whole zine, and then removed the NSFW sections for a second upload. The submissions themselves will all have a summary in the contents page, E.G rating, kinks, gen, slash, etc.

Zine regularity
As per the poll, most people felt comfortable with a 3 monthly zine. Making a decision here that this will be our target initially, as we don't want to put pressure on people else the submissions won't be their best due to stress and it gives time to proof read. Monthly deadlines at first may be too daunting. If at a later date we all feel like this needs to change, that's fine! 6 monthly would be fine if it was physical only, but as its going online, it makes things easier.

Which Canon? AKA Is it only BBC Sherlock?

Anything goes.

This is an important point! Making it strictly one canon would make it simpler for people to contribute as everyone is working with the same canon etc in mind, BUT we don't want to exclude anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes no matter what canon, TV, books, whatever it is they like.

The aim of the zine is to promote the love of anything 'Holmesian'.

My hope for the zine to promote an interest in all of the canons, not a specific film or book etc. The more variety, the better. You could write an essay about Jeremy Brett, make a crossword about Victorian criminals, draw some art of RDJ!Holmes poisoning Gladstone, write a fic about Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, seriously, anything goes.

The zine will include any incarnation of Sherlock Holmes people want to include. We may do a specific canon as a theme at some stage E.G BBC Sherlock only, Granada only etc, but for now you can write/draw about any canon you like. So long as it is Sherlock Holmes, go for it!

Slash? Where?!
As above, anything goes. The zine is not Holmes/Watson slash only. It is open to any and all pairings. Your contribution does not have to involve relationships at all (E.G An essay on English Bulldogs, some art of Holmes playing violin)

A lot of the people on LJ fandom comms enjoy a good serving of slash. The last thing I want people to think is 'Oh no, every contribution I submit is just slash, I better write something else this time!'. Submit what you want!

As with any publication - if someone doesn't like the conent, they can simply turn the page and move on. There will be articles people don't want to read, pairings people dont ship, art people don't like. The zine will promote freedom of speech and choice and all that malarky.

We may have a few Holmes/Watson-centric zines, or perhaps collect all of the fic/art from previous zines and compile one :) OR Just as with the NSFW vs. SFW, seperate them if there is a large enough margin.

Please feel free to discuss anything I've posted here. Your opinions are needed!
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